You Don’t Have To Cook Fancy Or Complicated Masterpieces—Just Good Food From Fresh Ingredients.
— J. Child
Kurt and Stay


A Brief History

Helping others is their passion and they do it through cooking healthy meals. Kurt and Stacey, both born on the island of Jamaica have been cooking for family and friends for over 10 years. Kurt is a master in the kitchen with various cultural meals while Stacey focuses on eating for better health.  

Kurt and Stacey are now putting their skills together to bring you the most delicious holistically healthy food inspired by traditional Caribbean recipes. Because they are both inspired by world culture, don't be surprised if you see recipes inspired by India, Mexico, the Mediterranean or various African countries.

All Recipes are Meatless and Full of Flavor  

Kurt and Stacey are a husband and wife team. Kurt is a self-taught chef with a love for cooking delicious food, bringing families together. Stacey is a certified Holistic Nutritionist and coach with a passion for holistic health and healthy self-image. 

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